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Fundraising With Merch Shops

The easiest way to generate fundraising for your organization with custom apparel.

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A Simple Approach

Earn Fundraising dollars for every order.

Simple Pricing

Set a percentage or fixed amount on every sale to generate fundraising

Monthly Payouts

Automatic fundraising deposits every month

Transparent Reporting

Our Merch Shop Dashboard lets you see every order & fundraising amount

Realtime Tracking

Monitor fundraising in real time through your Dashboard

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Make money with each sale

We make it easier than ever to drive fundraising for your organization.

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We Drive Your Fundraising

Earning you more cash along the way. 

Automated Marketing

Our automated marketing platform works day and night to grow your sales & drive fundraising


Set discount sales around promotional periods to drive sales & fundraising

Seasonal Products

Add seasonal products to your assortment to drive sales year round. 

Real Time Dashboard

See exactly how your Merch Shop is performing with sales & fundraising

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Ready to outfit your team? 

Apparel Solutions for every organizations made easy. 

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